The Rattlesnake Fire Staff Ride

The CalFire Firefighters of the April 11, 2018 Rattlesnake Fire Staff Ride were put in the shoes of the decision makers on a historical incident in order to learn for the future.They were challenged to orient, plan, and communicate among themselves as if they were the 15 firefighters who perished in 1953.

The Rattlesnake Fire was a wildfire started by an arsonist on July 9, 1953, in Grindstone Canyon on the Mendocino National Forest in northern California. The wildfire killed one Forest Service employee and 14 volunteer firefighters from the New Tribes Mission, and burned over 1,300 acres (530 ha) before it was controlled on July 11, 1953.The arsonist, Stanford Pattan, started two fires, one on private land and the other along Alder Springs Road inside the national forest boundary. He was later convicted and sentenced on two counts of arson.

The first fire was quickly suppressed by the Forest Service. The second fire continued burning toward Grindstone Canyon; it was reported mid-afternoon and by evening was considered under control. At about 9 pm, though, as detailed in John Maclean’s book Fire and Ashes, the wind caused a spot fire north of the road from a burning brand. The plan to bulldoze lines above this fire were not completed as the terrain was too steep for the equipment. Then the wind died down and the spot fire became more-or-less inactive. With the evening weather conditions — and a bizarre and unusual weather phenomenon — the wind changed direction and poured down into the canyon, igniting a fire than chased the volunteers in the canyon to their deaths.

360 Videos

The below 360 videos are location surveys of the Rattlesnake Fire of 1953 training site for California’s Firefighters. These 360 videos are for preliminary scouting and staging of a high quality 360 shooting session. The visual and technical quality you see here are not representative of our 360 capturing services.

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Candid Photos of CalFire’s participation in The Rattlesnake Fire Staff Ride

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