Below is a list of training modules which will be included in the Guardian Airwaves program:

Vocational Training Modules

  • Firefighter
  • Fire Inspector
  • Hazmat
  • Industrial Emergency Management
  • Office Emergency Management
  • Chemical & Biological Defense Training Modules

Community Preparedness Training Modules

  • Fire Prevention
  • Earthquake Readiness
  • Hurricane/Storm Readiness
  • Tsunami Readiness
  • Flood Readiness
  • Chemical & Biological Defense
  • Crime Prevention

Patent Pending – 2017



Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing which includes integrating live data streams.

Mobile Data Apps/Terminals

Image Capturing 360 degree image capture  – Click here for more information.

360 AR/VR Immersive Environment Development

 AR/VR Production of Public Safety Training Modules

Set up, Training and Support of AR/VR hardware and software

UI/UX VR Interface Design

Graphics – Symbology

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