Design ⇒ Production ⇒ Testing ⇒ Continued Support to End-Users 

We know new innovative products & platforms take time to get it ‘just right’ to be considered a MVP or of high valuation for investors or purchasers. Besides developing Public Safety VR training modules, we help hardware innovators of VR & AR technology by extending our resourcefulness & creativity to produce the best optimized content to perform on their hardware. Our mission is to create quality and stunning visuals for immersed users to be awed and engaged. We strive to take the ‘virtual’ out of the reality in our scenarios. Guardian Airwaves can provide content that could be a game-changer for your business.

We currently develop projects on Unity and Unreal engines because we see advantages to both.

Design & Production of VR Simulation Training Modules

Please email or call 415.747.5616 to schedule a demo of our training modules.

  • Firefighting Training
  • Control Burning – Patent Pending.
  • Medical Response Training – Patent Pending.
  • Environmental Hazards Identification
  • Safety Training
  • Mass Casualty Incident (MCI)
  • High Rise Fire Incidents with Indoor Navigation
  • Situational Awareness of Disasters

Other Services:

UI/UX Design for VR HUDS

2D/3D Graphics

Drone Flight Surveys


Training Documentation