We design and facilitate fully immersive and interactive advanced training for firefighters and public safety professionals that simulate extreme disaster incidents.



Guardian Airwaves uses photogrammetry to build 3D computer generated models of terrain which are then implemented in our virtual reality environments. With collaborative efforts, physical features, such as a slopes, can be added to enhance a physical environment to match a virtual environment that a user is seeing. 
Currently, Guardian Airwaves uses aerial photogrammetry, which is when the camera is mounted to a drone and multiple overlapping images of the ground are taken as the drone flies along its flight path.  These images are then processed to produce a 3D model. This process is called Image-Based Modeling.
Guardian Airwaves is working to also provide terrestrial and close-range photogrammetry. This is when the camera is mounted to a UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) and is steered manually for reconnaissance.