Our Essence

The Guardian Airwaves team believes technology to be a support to every people across the world and in every corner no matter its creed, economic status, gender, age, or education level. A shared drive among our team is to push the technological limits to ‘create and protect’ as well as to educate and to share.

DUNS# 080935543

Lisa Revelli

Founder, Director of Product Development

Lisa has over 12 years of design & production experience in various media and platforms. As an Industrial Designer, Lisa has worked in Tokyo for Milai Corporation, and as a technical director for Speed, Hideaway (Sony Imageworks), Oscar award-winning Geri’s Game, Monsters (Pixar), and Matrix Revolutions (ESC). She also was a Sr. Designer on Microsoft’s first Xbox title, BloodWake – a naval combat video game, as well as a production manager for 3D simulations for Boeing’s Future Combat Systems (InHance).

Lisa is estatic that AR/VR technology is accessible and at the cinematic level she had envisioned 25 years ago. She is the founder of Guardian Airwaves and spearheading AR/VR development towards training products to be used by Public Safety Professionals and First Responders. Lisa is looking forward to co-designing AR/VR training systems & modules with Public Safety professionals to “train for the worst, while hoping for the best”.

She is a member of AR/VR Association, Unreal Developers (LA), SF Siggraph, WIA and a certified Emergency Medical Responder (EMR).

“My thinking is to always Protect your HEART, your MIND, and your Communities, for LIFE flows from them’.  When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel ….my personal mission is to prepare and help those around us so that doesn’t happen.”

Anupam Das

Technical Director/AR & VR Software Engineer

Anupam is a creative technologist and full-stack software engineer with a focus on the convergence of Visual Effects, Simulation and Real Time computer graphics. He has worked at companies such as Industrial Light and Magic, Activision-Blizzard and Electronic Arts.  Since the early days of the Oculus Rift, Anupam saw the potential of using VR/AR to transport people to spaces not easily accessible and solve real world problems in design, manufacturing and training. He has devoted himself to build compelling solutions toward this goal.

Herb Love

Advisor, Tactical Firefighting

Herb Love has over 40 years of experience with Cal Fire in training, safety, and operations, retiring as a Division Chief in Tehama-Glenn Unit.  He worked as Safety Officer (SOF 1) on large incidents and  Serious Accident Investigation Teams.  He has developed a version of the Rattlesnake Fire (1953) staff ride for Cal Fire and other FD firefighters and officers, and has continued to lead staff rides into his retirement. He lives in Red Bluff, California with his wife, Olivia.

Todd Hendrix


Todd has 20 years of video game programming experience. He developed the Might and Magic / Heroes games from New World Computing.  He also created the Full Tilt online poker system. Todd also had brought his talent into the real world where he helped developed software for the Department of Defense including missile tracking systems, laser and chemical weapons detection systems and engineer the software for mobile radiation systems with gamma and neutron detection for use by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Habib Zagarpour

SFX/AR  Advisor

Habib has over 12 years of experience in visual effects for film and 11 years in the games industry. Nominated for two Academy Awards and winner of two BAFTAs in Visual Effects for his work on Twister and The Perfect Storm while at Industrial Light & Magic. Other film projects include 2 Star Trek films, Star Wars Episode IThe Bourne IdentitySpawn, and Signs.As  Senior Art Director at Electronic Arts, Habib worked on RYSE: Son of Rome, Need for Speed Underground007 Bond Everything or Nothing, and Need for Speed Most Wanted for which he received a Visual Effects Society Award.

Habib’s held positions as Creative Director at Microsoft Studios and Project Lead of Photo Real-time On-set Visualization System for Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book, the Director of Visuals for Microsoft’s three Hololens titles (Fragments, Young Conker, Holotour) and recently completed Blade Runner 2049 as a Visual Effects Consultant. Habib is very passionate about using real-time techniques in film making.  Habib is an active member of AMPAS, BAFTA, as well as a founding member of the Visual Effects Society and the 5D-Conference.

“My passions are combining experiences in film and games on transmedia projects and to cross-pollinate both industries with best practices of each.”


Location #1

Guardian Airwaves is based in Marin County, California which is 1 hour north of Silicon Valley, just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Its location is the perfect environment where nature and technology breed innnovation. Nature is the best teacher which human-made technology can only do its best to imitate it.

Location #2

Honolulu, Hawaii

Location #3

Desenzano Del Garda, Italia BS – 1 hour east of Vicenza