What We Do:


We produce Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Training Modules for Communities of Public Safety Professionals and First Responders. Our systems deliver ‘Precise, Practical, & Portable Training’ modules which serve to supplement existing vocational training programs. The goal of integrating AR/VR technology is to deepen subject matter understanding and retention of its users.

Guardian Airwaves’ mission is to build DEFENSE against Natural Disasters & Offensive Threats by producing preparedness training. How do we plan to do this?


  • Define the scope and parameters where existing Public Safety Training programs fail to bring on the success of its participants.
  • Enhance Training with AR/VR’s virtual interactivity technology platforms such as VIVE, Oculus, Halolens.
  • Field Research of the effectiveness of AR/VR technology in training professionals by collecting data in the areas of biological, physical, and cognitive responses.
  • Educate by sharing resources and findings with like-minded businesses and organizations.
  • Nurture the growth and knowledge of professionals and citizens alike to be prepared for disasters of all kinds.
  • Supplement Guardian Airwaves’ training modules with Q&A, and end-user suggestions and feedback.
  • Expand the use of AR/VR current technologies through affordable applications

Who We Are Focused On:

Public Safety Professionals

Courtesy of Gwinnet Chamber of Commerce

Valor Awards -Public Safety Professionals  info@gwinnettchamber.org

First Responders

Photo by Aaron Tang

Why We Do It:

Guardian Airwaves’ mission is to prepare communities to respond quickly and efficiently with calmness and authority because we believe disasters can hit when we least expect it. Guardian Airwaves believes communities have identical values of upholding and preserving life and to guard against disasters among communities.

What You Can Do To Help 

Share your personal experience of how you survived your disaster and how you would like to have been better prepared. More details the better. Click here to submit your story.

Sonoma County Fires

The Guardian Airwaves team went to assist in a Petaluma Evacuation Center where 500+ evacuees had arrived within 1.5 days.

View below an interactive 360 Video taken on October 12, 2007